Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday, August 3, 2007


Back from vacation and the freakin' world decided to explode while I was gone. More about that but first the report.

The legs were well rested with a couple of days off prior to leaving. My body has been for sh$% lately and the Chiropractor, physical and massage Therapist and acupuncturist have all been able to make their boat payments thanks to my contributions. Not complaining, glad they are there to help but dam I am tired of being in pain.

It was really nice to do a flat 70 mile road loop on Sunday. I rode east of Bend Thru Alfalfa (the town) and out to section of road that had flat buttery brand new asphalt and no traffic. Seriously, 2 cars passed me in 18 miles. I felt really good on the bike and ended up finishing the ride with a 19 MPH average speed all by myself.

Some other highlights were going to the Juniper Pool with the kids and floating the Deschutes with the family from Sun River to Benham Falls. Also visited with old friends Jim and Morri.

We left the kiddies with their Aunt one night and went out for a date. In the past our favorite location has been the Deschutes Brewery, but it was crowded and nutty so we went to Mcminemans which is now our favorite. Full service bar tasty food. Outdoor dinning and great brews. I had my share of the Hammerhead ale.

On Friday I was packing the bikes and stuff into the Mini Van for the trip home and listening to NPR and heard that the Fed is pumping money into the system to avoid Armageddon. It has been coming for a while. There are more than a few bad apples like American Home Mortgage and Countrywide that have thrived on selling junk mortgages to the ever so willing public. And that is coming to roost with the economy.

First of all, you know what I do for a living and I pride myself in doing a good job for my clients an looking out for them. But this is driving me nuts. The American Public has been all to eager to get a mortgage like a pay option ARM so that they can pay $1200 a month on a $500,000 loan for their McMansion in Serrano. That leaves them enough money to drive the Hummer to and from Starbucks and basically consume everything they possibly can until their ARM Resets and the payment goes to $4200 a month. Holy crap says the homeowner, I can't pay for my kids expensive preschool, the range rover payment and what do you mean I can't refinance because the value of my home has dropped by 20%. Why did my mortgage guy tell me this was a good loan? After all I've got a job and can make my payments.

The collective greed and desire for short term gratification that we have bought into is bleeding us dry. OK I'll get off my soap box for now. I applaud all of us who are living within our means a responsibly.

I do have one other place to go with this post. What the hell is up with Discovery Channel?! Reminds me of all those lenders going pop. I read something special between those lines. It is kind of like Rove leaving the administration. It is easier to "spend more time with my family" than to tell the truth.