Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Iorn Man

I have heard all the jokes and even told a few of my own. Like: Triathelets do everything... slow.

But I've got to give props to our man Matt B. for finishing his first Iron Man triathalon. Dude, you get the tough suffering award of the year. Just the thought of swimming 2 miles makes my shoulders sore. And there is no way in hell I could run a marathon, especially after a long bike ride. Well done Matt, well done. I am sure your family will be glad to have you back and I look forward to seeing you on the Sunday rides again once your body recovers a bit.

Here is a pic of Matt at the finish;

Two snaps and a flick of the wrist for that cape, babe. I thought road bike clothing was bad but post triathalon couture is the height of fashion.