Saturday, December 22, 2007

And Later that Night...

A few of us went to Smokey and Kary's Pagan Solstice party last night. It was a ripping good time complete with Strong Blond and Smokey's Elk Chili. There is me Phil, Tommy and Randy.

Pagan attire was requested. To me the dirt worshiping tree hugger that I am that means every-day garb,. But for Tommy I guess that means a Sasquatch suit.

I think it might have been Tommy's first night out on the town for the last couple of months. Pictures are worth a thousand words:

Hi Honey, I'll be home later...

Then the DJ got a little too partied out and left the DJ stand... No worries Tori the DJDominatrix was on the job.

The days start getting longer in three days and that is something to celebrate.

Ride Time is 9 AM on sunday. Bring your studded michellins.

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