Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sunday 12/16 Report

Tip of the hat to Author Pat for this ride report.

The die-hards were out on Sunday this week. As I pulled into Coloma, the temperature reading on my truck showed that it was 28 degrees outside. None the less, Fast Dan, Kary, Jerry and I made a great ride of it. We opted for a nice warm cruise up Hwy 49 into P’Ville. The climb wasn’t too bad and we all warmed up quickly. Jerry made an attack in the tight winding section before we leveled out up top, I answered the attack, sat on his wheel up to w/in a few hundred yards of the P’Ville City Limit sign but Jerry had the stuff and took the sprint.
The 4 of us had a nice mellow ride through town and up the bike path to “Jake-way” Road and then up Carson to Abel’s Acres. The weather at this point was just beautiful, sunny and calm. I think that Jerry, Dan and I were a bit overcome by the nice weather because it was at this point, standing in the parking lot soaking up the sun that we decided to extend the ride by a good bit. We couldn’t talk Kary into the loop, something about being home sick.
We started off down Union Ridge then said good bye to Kary at Mosquito Rd and the 3 of us took the decent down Mosquito to the River. The Bridge was very icy and slick and we walked it. The climb out was sweet. We decided that the loop was much better that direction. After climbing out of the canyon, the nice roll down Rock Creek Rd couldn’t have been better. The temp was perfect and we really enjoyed the scenery, company and empty road. It wasn’t until we were almost back to Hwy 193 that we realized how much longer the ride was going to take and what sort of promises we had made for our return home.
Hwy 193 up towards Kelsey was perfect as usual. Jerry lead out the sprint for the Kelsey sign again after a nice push tempo climb. I finally made my attack and took the sprint, but a close one.
We then had a nice roll down into Green Valley and on down Marshal Grade arriving at 1PM a bit later than we had planned but a beautiful and excellent ride all around.
Hope to see more of you out next week, it sure can’t be any colder.

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