Friday, December 21, 2007

Vehicular Assault

I left work early today to go to Daughter 1's Christmas play in her classroom. I don't need much more excuse for a ride in the afternoon than that. I'm still recovering so I didn't really want to climb so I rolled out 49 towards Cool. I made it to Venizio before I bailed and headed back. The Friday before Christmas traffic was just too gnarly and I felt like a target. I rolled back to town but still wanted more so I headed up Prospector. I went up to the culvert before I decided to bail. I really don't want to mess with the recovery roll that I am on... Coming back down I saw a VeloLoco kit headed up. There was fast Danny headed up the grade.

Seeing a brother, I stopped and chatted. Dan was all worked up. Some jackass in a white sedan had taken three passes at him on the road. On the first pass Dan was headed down Cold Springs and on to 49 when the idiot going the opposite direction went over the double yellow to pass another car right into Dan's lane! Dan waved at him in a disparaging way for taking his lane (no finger). The guy did a U turn... came back and took another run at Dan farther down the road. Dan again waved in a WTF kind of way and pulled over. The guy did another U turn and came at him again. Now Dan is standing on the shoulder and the chamois stain of a human swiped by 5 inches from Dan's legs at 50 MPH!

The good news is that Fast Dan got his licence plate number. When I dropped Dan at home later he was on his way to call the Po-Po. Danny let us know what happens. The bastard should be strung up by his nuts.

Watch out out there and keep your fingers in your fists. The last thing we need is to give some more idiots reasons to be pissed at cyclists.

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