Monday, November 19, 2007


Tom called me Sunday about noon. He asks, "where were you, did you have a hang nail."

"No," I told him, "my pussy was sore." Only Dan, Patrick and Tom were there. They did the Kelsey loop. My apologies to Tom for not being there to keep him company in the back.

Truth be told I am getting pissed with my lack of riding and Tylenol habit. I was really looking forward to racing cross this year but that is going to have to wait a year.

Meanwhile Ray is representin' down in the Bay on the cross courses. Check this out. You think you are tough look at this guy runnin' the frickin stairs with a bike on his back.

Terry is in Surgery today say a little prayer, think a good thought or drink a beer for her or whatever you do. She'll be back on the trainer in no time. I'm looking forward to having her pull me up Carson Pass again next July.

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