Thursday, November 1, 2007

Velo Loco: Community

Velo Loco is a community effort that works because we are all get something out of it. One of things that I love about Road Riding with the group is the power of the pack. It is still amazing to me that we can roll along at 23 MPH with relatively little effort. Drafting and team work make it possible and it is one of those small miracles that I feel a lot of gratitude for.

We make time in our schedule forsaking family, home duties and other obligations so that we can be there at the same time; the bakery at 8:00. Then we go out and beat each other up on the climbs and power along together in the flats. Working together. Suffering together. Growing stronger together. Building community.

There are a couple of riders who are going to be putting in some really hard effort in the future. I know we are going to be there for them. Lets surround them and pull for them when we can.

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