Saturday, November 24, 2007

Next Year's Calendar

Sometime between Thanksgiving and New Years Day I usually start thinking about my goals for next year. As it relates to riding, I like to work out a calendar. I wonder what all you other Loco riders hope to do with your year. I know for many of us The Death Ride is the center piece of our annual training. What else is on your calendar? Use the comments below to talk about what is on your mind.

I've got a couple of things I'd like to do and I am already working toward them. (i'll need too work since I am in pretty bad shape right now):

Some maybes on my list are:

As for challenges, I'm calling out all of the Dads that have kids under 10. The Prairie City MTB race series is waaay to fun to miss and very family freindly. The challenge: get your wife to race! And if you cant get your wife to race, then you have to take her place. That's right JB, MB, PL, KD and Curtis Hincapie come join Randy, Jen, Tanner The Chickenhawk and I on Wednesday nights. There are even kids races. My kids are faster than your kids!!!!


KAYAKRAY said...

I agree Spence, its helpful to have goals to give all this riding some kind of purpose. That said, here are my goals for next season.

Central Coast MTB series
Granite Bay MTB series
Death Ride
24 Hours of Adrenaline, Laguna Seca
Mt. Diablo Challenge
Pillarcitos Series CX (Top 10 Finish)
Sac Series with Velo Loco Boys
Livermore CX Series
Average 260 Watts for entire CX series.

Wish List

24 Hours of Moab
CX National Championships 50-54

I hope I'm not being overly ambitious, but I have always had a very rich fantasy life!

Hope the hip is healing.


Sorelegs said...

great list.
24 hours of Moab, that sounds fun in a suffering and pain sort of way.

Sorelegs said...
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