Monday, November 19, 2007

Where or where did Barton go?

The smell of Belgium was in the air for Sundays Sacramento Cyclocross Race #4 at Granite Beach. Or maybe that was just the stench coming off the ever shrinking Folsom Lake, who knows. With no lake in sight, they assured me it was down there somewhere, we were blessed with a perfect day for a road race and a terrible day for a Cross race. Sunny and 70, what the hell, this is November correct. I was hoping for low 40’s and driving rain. With inclement weather I would have had a good excuse for my lack luster performance. With such pleasant weather, I must accept my mediocrity whole heartedly. The race started off well, I dusted most of the Jr.’s within the first ¼ mile. There were a handful of pretty spectacular wipeouts during the first lap. When you line up for the Men’s C race anything can happen and does. After weaving through a pretty gnarly crash, I came to the first barrier on the course. After a very tight right hander and a steep whooptiy doo the course veered back left for the double barriers. I made the turn smoothly and coasted over the bump, setting up for the flying dismount and graceful leaps over the barriers. Right foot out, swing leg, left foot, left foot, left foot, man I haven’t done this in a while, left foot, too late…CRASH. For the rest of the day the first barrier had a nice lean to it and I had a slow leak of some red fluid running down my shin (very cool for a Cross race). After epically running into the first barrier the rest of the day was pretty smooth. I made up time on the sand pit and lost time during the more technical sections. I finished somewhere in front of the Jr.’s and behind the guy who won (he was sandbagging anyway). It was a perfect day for a ride regardless which bike you were on, or where you where riding. My only complaint was the apparent lack of cow bells along the course!

Cheers and Happy Turkey Day to All

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Sorelegs said...

More Cowbell! Always more cowbell.