Sunday, November 25, 2007

What happened to Jerry a Sunday Ride Report

The thermometer at my house read 4o at 7:50 when I rolled out to the bakery. I knew I had at least one buddy to ride with because Jerry had called last night to see if I was gonna be there. He told me Dan might be there as well. Well there was Dan in the parking lot but I couldn't help but think, "Where oh where is Barton." Dan and I fiddled with our cold weather gear for a few minutes figuring to give Jerry some time to get there and didn't roll out 'til at least quarter after.

Danny was kind and we set a nice slow base building pace out to Cool then up 193 to G town. With only the two of us it was nice chatting and cruising. With no major events to report except when I saw the pickup truck that had tried to hit me with their open door yesterday. I dove for the shoulder, yelling at Dan to pull over. Stopped my wheels, planted my feet and smiled knowingly at the two female mullety looking beeyaches smiling back at me as they drove by. They must have been more drunk yesterday when the honked, flipped the bird and tried to take me out with their open door. Georgetown's finest.

Anyhow, thanks for the ride Fast Dan.

I went and saw Kelley the other day. First time since she got sick. She said the pain is much more in control than it used to be. She was having a good day and her attitude was better than could be expected.

That's it for the update. I am hoping to have news on Ray Fortner's "accident" posted soon. Perhaps there will be an excuse coming form Jerry's way soon as well.

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