Monday, November 5, 2007

Ride Report

It was a beautiful day to ride Sunday. The time change made the meeting time feel like 9AM which was fine with my lazy self. Pat had a buddy in from out of town whose name I forget (sorry) and Jerry brought along another friend who is a recent immigrant to Camino from Monterey county, also forgot his name (I am an equal opportunity name forgetter). Dan was there as were KD, Curtis, and Tom. It has been a long time for me but even longer for Tom. I was happy to have someone to keep me company on the long sections I did while dropped.

We did the Greenwood loop out 49 to cool up 193 to Greenwood road and then some of us went down to Coloma Via Marshall and Jerry pat and their buddies went up to Gtown and points beyond (I wonder how far they made it).

It was a bit chilly rolling out. When Curtis and I were trying to talk to each other I was having trouble forming certain words because my lower lip was numb. I think I had some drool spill out at one point. But as always it warmed up as we rolled.

After we passed Pedro Hill the hammer dropped in anticipation of Cool city limits. From my vantage point waaaay off the back it looked like two groups fromed pretty quickly. The report that I got when I arrived in Cool was that Jerry took the sprint. Curtis was sitting on a wall with his head between his knees looking a little green. I think we were all a little nervous when he said he was going back home. After a minute of collecting himself, he changed his mind joined us after all. I guess the GU brought him back. We rode a calm pace out 193 to Greenwood until we got to the sprint and I was gone again.

By the time we got to the fire station in Garden Valley it was time to take off the leg warmers etc. I had to be a couple minutes behind the train after the Greenwood climb but I didn't care. It is so damn good to be back on the bike and riding with minimal pain.

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