Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Muddy Cross

This just in from Matt B. A buddy of his who I am told is a lost member of the velo loco tribe sent it to him. It is a great example of cyclo-cross at its finest. Thanks Matt.

Click Here to view but give it a second to load. Slow connection... Fughedaboudit.

Matt is on the injured list with a bulging something-or-other... Sounds nasty. Hang in there brother.

Ray has been on the injured list for a while he said it had something to do with a bunny hop and the lack of bike shorts. Click here for more info.

Jerry is just glad no one is poking fun at him today.

Hope you can make it to the Beer, Brats and Brauts party on Sunday at Veloloco world headquarters. Let me know if you need info.

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